Ch.Iddy's First Son..Sire OF BISS Fancy And Boo
IN MEMORY of my Pomeranians
These special poms have sailed out of site and are waiting with Simone around the bend............
Everyone who met her was a better person when they left.She had Faith that could move mountains,and often did.She keeps my heart and soul safe,and waits with God.I am never alone,as they are engraved in my soul.And,she was beautiful.Inside and outside.Giving up all the years of her 20'S,after losing her fiance Mike,(Navy),at 18,to care for her Mother...ME.
I was truly blessed by God!Thank you Simone.Your loving mother.
Only In Dreams Of Tom Thumb Oct.29 1994..Oct.1.2007
Simone's Irish Eyes Are Smilin'  1995..2004 "Danny"
Rowdy..age 10 Ch.Iddy's Litter Brother

Iddy,7 months after Simone was killed,God gave me you.The last thing at night I saw your beautiful face beside my bed,and first thing in the morning,you were there.Monday your Brother Rowdy left,all the dogs became very quiet,as the Alpha dog had gone.Next morning your little heart started to fail,Nothing could help.You missed your big brother.Taking that long ride on Oct. 5th. tore at my heart. I hear your footsteps down the hall,and leave the light       on for you. You and Rowdy were my salvation,for 13 years....
I eased my mind by putting your pictures by my bed,where I still see you before I go to sleep,and first thing in the mornings.
Thank you,for being here,.thank you for Danny,Scarlet,Baby Bitty,Isabel,and your will to live.You had become my Heart Dog.As I write this,my tears run down my face,and I recall how Rowdy washed them away as I cried,and longed for Simone.I know you are with her now and that she will fill your milk dish,and remember how you loved ice cream.I love you all.I will see you again. THANK YOU for sharing my life.

BOO_Poor little Boo.(see Below)

1992....2001 My bed partner,
and best Friend.BIG Teddy.And his son out of Marie
Michael Lee Hamlet Esquire
Simone's Love
If The eyes have had no Tears:
The Soul Can have no Rainbows.
Forever Young
Simone and Mike had future plans_Mike was killed in Hawaii (in The Navy)he had just returned from leave,and this is them at that age.Mike and Simone are buried at the same cemetery.
2 years before 1994...Simone and her Angel
In The United States Navy.
My  handsome son in his 20's
MY Daughter
I will see you on the Dark Side of the Moon
Silent Sunlte of Tom Thumb 2000_2010
Tom Thumb
Brilliant Disguise......BRUCE at age 12 went to the Bridge
Scarlet and Bruce were full brother and sister.

Sire was Ch.Tears In Heaven_A Lynette Dam.
Boo A last Picture of him ___
At This time In Simone's Life She had been taking care of me(I had been hit in the head by a horse,And she worked 2 jobs trying to keep our horses and little Ranch.No help from others in the family.
Poor little Boo.3 years ago I was very ill.I had thought a woman in Wyoming a trusted friend and loved her dogs.I was wrong and had GIVEN free BOO and his litter,and the pups mom.I paid 1,000 for the bitch,as she was BISS winning bitchs Fact she was sired by Danny.I felt I might Die-And gave her these dogs ....But I was wrong and I finally got Boo back and it cost about 1,ooo plus He ended up having to be put to sleep.He was soooo happy to be home,I would have paid much more.By the way the bitch she got was MeMe's Mom.Poor little Boo was Skin and bones_And he gain 3 pounds in a month..I learned another hard lesson there_I love my dogs too much.Boo Is home now_I love you Boo.