King Of The Road Sing Lee /Breeder Owner Naida Coburn
King refused to show,but produced Champions,his sire Ch.Timothy-a 4th.generation Tom Thumb The reason Sing
Lee on this dog,Irene bought him,but King would not lead.
Ch.Ku Chin Timothy Of Tom Thumb/breeder Owner Naida Coburn.....Sold To Ruby Dudley ...Dudley Pekingese  Iowa
Ruby came from Iowa to Oregon for a visit.She is a special person
This Is the dog I Chose to pattern my line after.I never varied from this line and type.Ch.Ku Chin Tommi Of Seng Kye was the top siring Peke at this time and the number 2 Toy.He was owned by Irene Ruschhaupt of Sing Lee Pekingese at this time,in Fresno,Ca..
Tommi was bred by Harry Aldrich,Seng Kye Pekes,of Chico,Ca..Ch.Isaiah was his g.son.Ch.Margo his daughter,and Tashma of Tom Thumb his daughter.I bred  to Isaiah.I always produced this type with this breeding.Tommi was later sold to Ruby Dudley where he went on to sire over 25 Champions.
Irene Ruschhaupt,Sing Lee Pekingese ,Was My best friend And Mentor my years in Pekes.
Until Irene passed away suddenly.

Irene Attended Pepperdine College,and was called,Rosie Ruffles(by her College friends) as she loved Roses and wore Ruffles.Irene loved Isaiah,and bought him when I was broke__In fact she adored him.
She reluctantly let me buy him back,later.I miss you still,Irene.
Ch.Isaiah Of Tom Thumb Sing Lee /Breeder Owner Naida Coburn
Isaiah Sire Dominic Of Tom Thumb/Isaiah Sire Of  Ch.Timothy And Yesterday
Isaiah was a hand fed baby.He was nasty and growled a lot,and was my darling.My favorite Pekingese.Isaiah's g. sire was the Top sire.Ch.Ku Chin Tomi of Seng Kye.Owner Irene Ruschhaupt,breeder Harry Aldrich..Seng Kye.

This beautiful Parti,Ch.Atherstone Jared Of Tom Thumb(pictured in many Peke books) was sold to Author, Of The Pekingese Manual (1957)Judge George Bindley Davidson.Sired By Dominic. I spent a weekend at Pebble Beach with George and Erik. I Learned a lot.George wrote 2 Published books on Pekingese.Jared's Handler was John Brown.
They toured Africa in their Rolls Royce,George went to the University Of Oxford in England.His Mother's painting with her Pekingese hung in The Hearst Mansion.

When Mrs.Ballinger(Claymore) bought Yesterday,she had a 4 point major from the exclusive Beverly Hills Kennel Club.Litter Sister To Ch.Timothy,Sire Ch.Isaiah
This is Ch. Margo.Small but 10 pounds_ A peke is to look small weigh heavy.That is why Judges lift them in the ring.Margo is nine here,out of coat and standing on an old metal TV Tray.
When I , at age 25.started raising Pekingese in Eugene, Oregon,I was raising my 3 children and though I did not know it then,how lucky I was,To have my Mama (from Texas) living in her mobile home on my property over 20 years.
At first I knew everything of course,and I did not learn,but with Irene as my Mentor and Evelyn as my main handler,I sold Pekes to the Elite Of the Peke world.I even sold one to Richard Thomas Sr.(The Walton's,John Boys Father)The Peke then, had more leg and was smaller.I love this breed and Never thought a Pom would save my life,But now,I like the panting,little brats,but  put a few of my Pekes here for all to enjoy.
I was a member for years of The Rose City Pekingese Club in Portland,Or..I was Editor of their widely circulated Newsletter.I was also a Member of Eugene KC for many years.
I  wrote some for Pekingese Parade,and was in the WHO"S WHO in Pekingese,in Peke parade.
I worked very hard at trying to breed the very best Peke I could
I bought and imported a  Pekingese from the famous Alderbourne Kennel in England.
Ch. Isaiah's Litter sister Ku Chin Venus Of Tom Thumb,winning a 3 point major at 7 Months Under Mrs.Yan Paul,Shown by Michael Shea,AKC Judge NOW.AKC Handler then.
Ch.Isaiah Of Tom Thumb Sing Lee /Breeder Owner Naida Coburn
Isaiah Won a 5 point Major laying on his back 3 times,and getting his tummy scratched!!
Ch.Captain Sunshine Of Tom Thumb / Handler Evelyn Schaefer,Cortland Ohio.A King son.Litter Brother to Ch.David

Ch.Sing Lee Margo of Tom Thumb,Sired by Ch.Ku Chin Tommi of Seng Kye,Won BOS for 5 points with me in Bremerton,WA. under breeder JudgeBill Bergum,and finished the next Show In Pa..The next weekend_
I would like to remember my first Pekingese was solid Champions in 5(all but one Peke) generations.I bought him at 6 years,his name was Ieka's Little Tom Thumb,A silver.fawn. Thus my Kennel Name,Tuffy was mostly Jalna.I was lucky to meet "Miss Jalna" Zara Smith,at about 70 years old,as Melvin and Anne Samek took the Jalna kennel over.They bred To Toughy's son Dominic and Got Ch.Jalna's Tyna and bought Jalna's Caesar of Tom Thumb from me.I thank them for letting me stay every time I came To Bremerton,WA. to show,and what fun when they stayed with my family for Eugene Shows.We all did that in Pekingese.The Samek's,both School Teachers lived on Whidby Island,WA..Thank You goes to,Sing Lee,
Irene and Otto Ruschhaupt (Sing Lee) for picking me up and taking me to dinner in San Francisco and trusting me to dog sit for 2 weeks while they went to France.Italy and Venice.And Lloyd Stacy for paying my way to fly first class to San Francisco, to keep an eye on his fabulous English Import English,American/Canadian BIS,BISS Peke Ch.Alderbourne Lifu Of Remward,I even got to Show Lifu once..Judge and Breeder Dorothy Quigley(Orchard Hill) for seeing a Tom Thumb Peke at the American Peke Club In New York,And saying" I know who bred this dog,by his beautiful head."And Frank Sabella for his showing Isaiah,and his compliments,also on his head,and short back.
I will always love the Pekingese as it was then.I hope they get a bit of leg back with the new standard.
This from memory.So hope I do not mess up.It was some time ago.
Ahab Is a Litter Brother To Ch.David and  Ch.Captain Sunshine.EvaEva Matheny Bought another brother,James and  got 9 points and a Major, I think she said.Best in Puppy Group here.
Ch.Kings David Of Tom Thumb /Breeeder  Naida Coburn/
Owner/Handler/Evelyn Schaefer,Eve-Ron Poms/Ohio who was my main Handler for 15 years.Until she passed away in Jan. of 1981.
Isaiah needed one point to finish and Bob Jacobson,then Bo Jac Pekingese,Showed him to his Championship in Yuba City,Ca..
Later,Irene passed away and Bob inherited the Sing Lee name.And the remaining Pekingese.
Thanks Bob.Or Judge Bob!!
This is Ch.Margo my foundation bitch.Irene and I used to sit and look through her many many win Pictures.Instead of saying "this is Dog So and So",Irene with her beautiful face and smile,would say"This is when I wore a size 9_This is when I wore a size 12_Etc."Now in Poms I feel like Irene__This IS when I wore a size 9...And Margo was Reserve.  _Louie Roberts took the pictures.Margo's sire Ch.Ku Chin Tommi Of Seng Kye
Dam:Khanga Lee Of Lost Park given to me by John Morgan.
Not all dog show breeders are rich,but I had a wonderful Kennel for my Pekes with airconditioning and heat.. water,etc..My Pekes were not kept on wire but had large outside runs,and were allowed outside in rain and snow.I never kept over 5 adult females and 4 males.
Ch.Isaiah Of Tom Thumb Sing Lee And his litter sister Ch. Venus At 6 Months.The famous Pan Zee Pekingese In WA. bought Venus.
This tiny Sleeve Peke went to Florida To live life spoiled and rich.By Isaiah
Dominics Lil Miss Muffet Of Tom Thumb
A cream and white Parti.Ch.Margo her dam.Muffet had 6 points.
Ruby Dudley in Iowa Bought Timothy And he produced 8 Champions for her
My Import from Scotland Going Best In Match.Age 6 Months.Breeder Helen Ross Watts.Tyneen Pekingese,Scotland.
Ch.The Rainmaker of Tyneen.USA Champion.Pictured here at 6 mo.Going Best Pup In Show.
EVELYN and a Black Brood Pup from Tom Thumb
Jerimiah and Isaiah were both sired by Dominic of Tom Thumb
Timi Finished in only 6 Shows_his first he won 5 points

Tim is the son Of Ch.Isaiah
Ch.Margo above had these 2 babies in her first litter
Margo was my first Champion.A bred By.
AKC Handler,Arlene Albrech got all but 2 points on Timothy
         Sing Lee Pekingese

   Irene Ruschhaupt
When Harry Aldrich(Seng Kye) had to give up his Pekes He gave them all to me.This is a full brother to the famous Ch.Ku Chin Tommi Of Seng Kye.I felt privileged he trusted me so much.Here's to all our talks,Harry.I still miss you and lovely Amy.I sent this boy to Evelyn to Champion.And of course he did.
VENUS Best Puppy In Show
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Ch.Isaiah Of Tom Thumb Sing Lee
              Age 7

.Raindance and Tommi one Time
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A sleeve Peke sired by Isaiah_And Naida

Cracklin Rosie Of Tom Thumb age 7 mo.

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